Why Sitting Babies Sessions are My Favourites!

As a Colchester baby photographer who specialises in capturing the precious moments of babies, I can confidently say that sitting babies photo shoots are my favourite sessions. There’s something about this particular stage of development that makes it the perfect time for a photo shoot, and in this blog post, I’ll explain why.

Firstly, when babies reach the sitting stage (typically around six to nine months), they are usually more responsive and expressive than they were as newborns. They are able to sit up unassisted, and they’re starting to explore their environment and express their personalities. This means that there are plenty of opportunities to capture some really sweet and candid moments, as well as some more posed shots.

At this age, babies are also very curious about the world around them, which can make for some great photos. They love to explore their surroundings, reach for objects, and interact with people, which creates a lot of natural movement and activity in the photos.

Another great thing about sitting babies photo shoots is that the babies are still quite stationary, but they’re not yet crawling or walking away from the camera. This means that it’s easier to control the environment and get some really beautiful, clear shots of their faces, expressions, and details like their chubby little hands and feet.

And, of course, sitting babies are just so darn cute! At this age, they have a lot of personality, and it really shines through in the photos. Whether they’re grinning from ear to ear, concentrating on something fascinating, or just looking adorably puzzled, there’s no denying that sitting babies are absolutely precious.

Finally, one of the best things about sitting babies photo shoots is that they are a great way to document this particular stage of development. When you look back on these photos years later, you’ll be able to see just how far your little one has come, from that adorable little sitter to the walking, talking, exploring toddler they’ll become.

So, if you have a sitting baby in your life, I highly recommend booking a photo shoot to capture this special time. At The Little Garden Studio, I specialize in creating beautiful, natural light photos that showcase your baby’s personality and unique qualities. Contact me today to schedule a session!

Why Sitting Babies Sessions are My Favourites!

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