Why I Started a Wedding Podcast

Why I Started A Wedding Podcast



You may have noticed that last week, along with Katie Drouet I launched a podcast! This was a result of a random idea I had about a month and a half ago, and I was so excited when Katie said she wanted to join me.

I’m a self confessed podcast addict, and whilst listening to a few of my favourites recently it was like a lightning bolt struck me. I didn’t know of anyone in the wedding industry doing this, at least in the UK (and I find there are so few UK podcasts anyway!). So I decided to look into things a bit further, after a chat with Jen Carrington (who is an incredible creative coach by the way!)  who was as excited about the idea as I was I knew that this needed to be done, and quick before anyone else thought of it!

My main reason for starting the podcast first and foremost goes back to my mantra of the year of ‘be more personable’. I’m always looking for new ways to connect with my clients, stay in touch with my past ones and get to know potential ones too, but sometimes it can feel very ‘sales-y’ to keep emailing, sharing links or tweeting in the hope something sticks. Instead I knew that this podcast would help to share my personality and make me far more relatable as someone who is going through the exact some tribulations as them… planning a wedding!

So Katie and I sat and brainstormed via Skype one afternoon, listed out all of the topics we could cover, explored ideas of the guests we could invite along to chat with us and realised that actually this was just going to be such a fun project. I’m not going to lie – its much more work than we realised! We’ve had to learn how to edit audio, deal with sound issues, internet issues, work out how to share tasks and of course fit this all in around our businesses too. But with the first two episodes now live, I think we’ve started to find our stride and we’re in a good routine. I’m excited to see where it leads and how it grows in the future.




So What Is Get Wed Exactly?

Get Wed is a weekly hour long podcast hosted by myself and Katie Drouet. We’re both wedding photographers and we are both planning our own weddings too. Katie gets married very soon… (April 23rd!) and my wedding is taking place in June 2017. Each week we cover a different topic on wedding planning, we share our own thoughts, ideas and plans and also invite other industry experts to join us too to help you figure it all out as well.


In week one we made the iTunes new and noteworthy chart, had over 250 listens, grew Get Wed Podcasts Facebook page to over 250 likes and started a little following on Instagram too. It is mind blowing how much support and kind words we have received off the back of it and we;re so happy that our listeners are enjoying us gossiping every week!

You can find out more and listen for yourself here.




Podcasts I Follow.

If you are new to podcasts I’m sure you’ll soon be sucked in. I’m an avid listener, and since I spend so much time at my desk editing I find putting on a podcast helps me stay put and be productive. It’s like having colleagues in my office (as being self employed I spend most of my working days alone… (apart from the company of Tagg!) and I find I learn so much to help me improve and grow in my work.

I’m personally a big fan of business based podcasts, but also have a gems that I want to share with you outside that genre too. Below is a list of my weekly go-to podcasts;


So lets start with the podcast that first got me hooked… Serial. If you haven’t listened and you loved watching Making A Murderer on Netflix, you are going to be obsessed with Serial. It follows the story of a teen who was arrested for the alleged murder of his girlfriend in 1999, and like Making A Murderer, there just isn’t a tonne of evidence to prove he was actually guilty. I’ll stop now before I give too much away…

Being Boss

Being Boss is hosted by Kathleen and Emily for creative entrepreneurs. They have a great rapport and knowledge about running a business, and share lots of nuggets of wisdom along the way. They’re also really great at inspiring, cheering their listeners along and just being in it with them!

Get Paid Podcast

I find Get Paid really interesting. Claire Pellatreau explores the different ways in which her guests ‘get paid’ through their online and creative businesses. I love this for two reasons, firstly in real life no one ever talks about money and this podcast is a really refreshing listen when you just can’t seem to figure out how to make it work in your business. Secondly I learn so much from this, from how to improve my productivity and therefore save money right to learning about new services and ideas that I can implement in my own business.

Samira Stalks

This was my most recent discovery since launching Get Wed. Also In the New and Noteworthy charts, each week Samria interviews dreamers and tells their stories of entrepreneurship, innovation and impact.

Space To Face

Asia and Paige inspire me daily! they are the reason I joined snapchat and I adore them together on this podcast. Through the podcast they encourage their listeners to promote their businesses not only online but in person too, and share their own advenures in ‘spacing’ and ‘facing’ too. This podcast has made me consider more how to ‘put myself out there’ in my local community and stop concentrating all of my efforts online only.

Make It Happen

Make it Happen is hosted by Jen Carrington, a creative coach based in Manchester (it’s so nice to listen to a British voice, when so many of the podcasts I follow are American!). Jen shares stories, insights, and conversations to encourage and empower you to make things happen for your creative life and business on your own terms, in your own way, and by your own rules.


Invisibilia is a more recent discovery. Each episode tells a different story, and the presenters have such a beautiful narration, which just sucks me in every time. They describe the podcast as; “We explore the invisible forces that shape human behaviour – things like ideas, beliefs, assumptions and emotions- interweaving narrative storytelling with scientific research.” My favourite episode was ‘How To Become Batman’


Have a listen to some of those above and let me know your thoughts. Also I’d love to know how you’re enjoying Get Wed too! Are you finding it helpful to listen into our conversations?