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January is notoriously slow for wedding photography, and in fact I usually find it to be a nice break from the craziness of the spring/summer/autumn wedding season. I always find throughout the year there is so much I want to do to my business to help it flow better, improve aspects of my customer service or introduce new product lines but rarely do I find the time to sit down and implement it all.

So in January this year I made a concentrated effort to tick one big target off of my to do list from pretty much when I started my business.

I’ve always wanted to produce a magazine to hand out during wedding consultations which contains the answers to most questions I get asked, along with lots more pictures to really give a prospective wedding couple an idea of just what they can expect when working with me on their wedding day. This idea has been on the back burner for a while, I’d made a few pages, then ran out of time and ideas to fill the rest. So when January rolled around I made it my utmost priority and scheduled in an amount of pages to compete per day.

Looking back through 2013 was really inspiring, my couples have had some incredible weddings, and choosing images to fill the magazine was a difficult process, I wanted to include so many!

wedding photographer client magazine templatewedding photographer client magazine template

To really give this magazine a personal touch, I dedicated a few spreads throughout to some of my past clients who wanted to share their wedding day stories with me (and new clients!) Each couple provided me with a few quotes to fill the pages full of advice for future brides and grooms. They also shared their favourite moments from their wedding days along with the odd excerpt about how they found working with me too.

wedding photographer client magazine template

More often most couples are nervous about the engagement shoot process, so I really wanted to highlight the importance of this step in the wedding photography journey and how it helps to put even the most camera shy people at ease before the big day rolls around.

wedding photographer client magazine template


The magazine also gave me ample opportunity to really highlight aspects of the process that need the couples input. Most notably this is the wedding day checklist (which I’ve written about on thew blog before too) and also advice on how to arrange your group shots ahead of the wedding day.


wedding photographer client magazine template


I also included a little section for some really lovely testimonials that I received over the past year, to really show new clients just what others have thought of the process, and hopefully help to sway them into booking their wedding photography with me!


wedding photographer client magazine designwedding photographer client magazine design

That was just a little snippet of the 40 pages in the magazine, so if you’re planning on meeting me soon to discuss your wedding, expect to see one of these tucked inside your enquiry pack!


This magazine template is also now available to purchase here