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Training + Templates For Photographers

A while back this year I was contacted by a few photographers asking for advice on different areas of running a photography business. Before this, teaching or training never even entered my mind! In fact so often I still feel like I’m figuring it all out and that I’m still new to this industry. However the fact is I’m about to enter year six of running my little business and I guess in that time I have actually learnt quite a lot.

Thing is, you don’t realise what you know, until you’re talking to someone else who finds what you’re saying a total revelation! I’ve noticed this a few times over the last year, I’ll mention something I do in my business and the response is ‘Wow I never thought of that’ or ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’ or ‘I need to get on top of that’.

Then I was contacted by a photographer who was looking for a little 1-2-1 training and that’s when the cogs started to turn in my mind. I decided to set up specific training based on the needs of whoever it was coming to me. In the case of my first session I covered everything from setting up systems (my favourite subject!) to how to get your first clients and right up to some little photography techniques. then after posting about it on Facebook it appeared the flood gates opened and in just three months I’ve taught five 1-2-1 sessions!


So I felt it was time to make it all a bit official…


photographer training workshops



I now have a dedicated page to the training that I offer for photographers. From here you can learn the different options available and hear form past attendees to see if its what you’re looking for too. I hope that by offering these services I can help newer photographers in the industry really get a head start with getting their businesses off the ground. I know back when I started that I was totally clueless about the business side of things, and surprisingly I have actually come to really love the behind the scenes part of running what is essentially a creative business. However, for many of us creatively minded folk, I know that the practicalities of admin and boring business-y things just don’t come naturally.


What Training Do You Offer?

I now offer two types of training firstly a day long 1-2-1 session totally tailored to each individual participants needs. You tell me what you’re struggling with and I’ll work out the days schedule to make sure everything is covered. If you’re after something a little more in depth I also now offer a longer six month mentoring course, where we’ll meet virtually every other week on Skype to work on what you need to improve and change in your business. Six month mentoring is for those who need someone to hold them accountable, and want support and knowledge along the way.



Tell Me More About 1-2-1 Sessions

1-2-1 sessions take place from my home in Manningtree, they usually start at 10am and finish by 4pm in the afternoon. Included is a personal workbook for you to take home which includes details on all of my suppliers, equipment I use and also space for you to write your own notes on each subject we cover. I also provide lunch on the day, snacks, drinks and of course puppy cuddles from Tagg!

Before the 1-2-1 session I’ll be in touch for you to fill out a questionnaire. From here I can take your answers and plan out the day according to your specific needs. My aim is that you leave with actionable information which you can put to use right away and not just a load of irrelevant “gumph” that will be of no use to you at all.

Topics I cover include but are not limited to;

  • Blogging
  • Creating Systems
  • Getting Organised
  • Setting Up a Database
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Honing in On Your Individual Brand
  • Editing
  • Working With Couples (a live couple shoot)
  • Creating a Unforgettable Experience
  • Social Media
  • Pricing
  • Products and Packaging

Before you leave I also teach you how to make an origami crane, and we set some goals and targets for you to reach. I’m then back in touch with you after six months via Skype to see how you have got on and whether you have put your plans into action.



Tell Me More About Six Month Mentoring

Because I work in the wedding industry and the summer is completely mad and busy, six month mentoring is split into the first three months of the year (January – March) and reconvenes again in the Autumn (October – December). What this actually means is, that although its six months of contact, planning and improving your business you actually have me on hand for an entire year!

Lets get into how it works;

Each January I will take on 5 six month mentoring students at the absolute maximum. Each student will then get a one hour Skype call from me every two weeks where we will hash out the problems and issues and work together to get things running smoothly, making improvements and helping you to grow your business. At the end of each session goals will be set for you to complete before the next call and I will share any information I can to make things work too. The aim is that by the end of six months you would have really pushed your business much further than you ever could have on your own.

Here’s whats included;

  • Twelve one hour Skype calls over the course of six months
  • A password protected portal where session notes, and recordings of our conversations will be kept
  • Tasks and goals to complete every two weeks
  • Access to a private Facebook group with the other attendees
  • My experience and knowledge of running a successful photography business


What About If I’m Not Ready For 1-2-1 Training or Mentoring?

If you’re not quite ready for 1-2-1 training or six month mentoring I do also offer templates for you to purchase. At the moment my welcome magazine template, photography contact, and wedding details checklist are available to purchase. Over the next few months I plan to add to these and am always happy to take requests for specific items you may want to see in the shop.

Templates are ideal if you have no idea where to start, its just a matter of tweaking them slightly to suit your business and in no time you’ll be set up and ready to go.


Find Out More:

To take a look at the new website for training click here and take a look. If you have any questions at all please feel free to get in touch and if you would like to book your place just click here.

2016’s six month mentoring will kick off on the 18th of January and there are a few spots left if you’d like to grab one! I can’t wait to help you push your business so much further in 2016!