Promotional Video for Photographers - Kerrie Mitchell Photography

My Promotional Video

For a long time I’ve wanted to have a promotional video made to show you all firstly what I look like (It’s awkward doing consultations in pubs, coffee shops etc, when you don’t know who you’re looking for as you arrive!) and secondly to give you a little glimpse behind the scenes to see what all this ‘having your photo taken’ lark is all about.

It nervy being in front of the camera, I now also know that feeling after having this video made! But luckily Laura and John were willing to step in front again with their buddy Waffle the dog to endure not only me pointing a lens at them but Doug and Josh from Kitebox too. You may recognise Laura and John as I photographed their engagement and wedding back in 2012. Laura is also the writer behind the incredibly crafty blog Made Peachy, and made the bunting that has a little feature in the video too. We headed to my favourite location for engagements the beach huts at West Mersea and had the most incredible light as we shot at sunset.

Kitebox were incredible to work with and took my idea which was “I don’t want to talk to camera!! I hate hearing my voice!” and made it into just the most incredible story. All I wanted was something to induce a nostalgic feel about photography, that gave my customers an insight into who I am and how I work and I think they most definitely hit the nail on the head. I’d love to hear you’re thoughts on this video, so please leave a comment afterwards 🙂

Take a look for yourselves….



Here is a look at the pictures I took of Laura, John and Waffle throughout the video. Waffle is destined to be a movie star, he was pulling out all his best poses and stole the limelight.


Lastly, a couple of behind the scenes glances from my point of view!



Don’t forget to let me know what you think of the video (and Laura and John’s pictures!) in the comments below 🙂