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On Getting Engaged…

Usually in January I’m gearing myself up for planning lots of late evenings as I travel here there and everywhere to meet newly engaged couples to chat about their wedding photography. It’s also the time of year I plan out my advertising and generally try to keep ontop of my inbox so as not to miss any new enquiries. January is particularly busy for this, as it follows Christmas and New Year. The whole festive period is statistically when the most wedding proposals happen and the time off work gives these newly engaged couples time to dive in and start to plan for the big day.

So this Christmas approached, and I started to prepare myself for the usual increase in enquiries and website views as usual. Unbeknown to me Russell was planning something completely different…

Every Christmas Eve we have a panic shop in town. It’s become a tradition because we’re disorganised and Russell thinks that the deadline of Christmas is a good incentive to get his shopping finished. So Christmas eve like the past few we were in town, we had a few things to get for each other too and in a passing comment in the car I professed “I sometimes think Christmas proposals are a bit of a cop-out… Do you think they do it because they’re not sure what to buy as a present? I’d still want the same amount of presents, even if I got a shiny ring!” Then we went out separate ways to get a few final gifts

Imagine my surprise when opening my final present from him I found a locket with a little scroll inside (Which I didn’t want to open because I didn’t think I’d be able to scroll it back up as neatly!) which said, ‘Will You Marry Me Kerrie?’ My shock was pretty apparent, and when I looked up he was on one knee with my ‘token ring’ from Argos 😉 My first words I think were ‘This is mad…’ and then ‘Even after what I said yesterday!!’ before I finally said yes. 🙂

What followed from there was elated family members flinging their arms around us, lots of congratulations, champagne and even a musical surprise from my side of the family as we walked in the door. (See video below!)

Overall, a Christmas proposal was incredible. Not only because Christmas is pretty magical in itself but because its the one time of the year where you generally have plans to see your entire family. I loved that we were altogether over the Christmas week and that everyone got to celebrate with us too. We spent that whole time with just our families knowing before we started to tell our friends (and update Facebook of course! See obligatory engagement iPhone photo below!) just before New Years.


The first day the shops opened after Christmas we headed down to The Lanes in Brighton to choose the actual ring, and after trying on a rare pink diamond that would have set us back £15,000 I finally settled on this gorgeous sapphire instead from Number Ten Jewellers 🙂


Now we’ve settled into being engaged, the wedding plans are starting. We’ve not set a date (I need to fit it in around the weddings I already have booked!) and we have a few ideas on the style of wedding we want but other than that we are very much at the start of our journey, and I hope you’ll all enjoy me documenting it here on the blog for you all to share.

Did anyone else have a Christmas proposal? I’d love to hear your stories too!