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Hannah & James – Engaged! (Chaulkney Woods Engagement)

Hannah and James’ engagement shoot wouldn’t have been complete without including two more important members of the family. Son Jack, and their border collie Blue also came along to get involved in the fun.

Despite a having a to re-arrange multiple times because of how rainy October has been – yesterday we managed to get out there into a little bit of autumn sunshine for their engagement session.

We met up at Chaulkney Woods, which I’d never been to before (proven by me getting lost on route!) but it was the perfect quiet location for this little family to step in front of my camera for an hour. It’s definitely autumn out there now, and the woods provided a lovely backdrop of crispy leaves.

Hannah and James are getting married in November (just days from my due date!) and therefore I have some of my fab associates taking over the shooting of their wedding day – whilst I’ll do the editing for them. But this is one I’m so sad to miss as I photographed Hannah’s sister’s wedding back in 2014 – Jack was tiny back then!!

Here’s a few favourites to tide them over…