about kerrie

The small things really are the big things in life when you look back. While it may start with a big wedding, in the end it always comes down to those small fleeting moments that pass us by far too quickly...

I've been photographing weddings since 2010 and after having my little boy in 2019 decided to take a step back to focus more on photography that captures babies, family and the little stories that live in everyday life.

Since the start of my business I've captured hundreds of weddings and met as many families! I'm so lucky to also photograph the next milestones for those couples when they add babies to their clan and meet them again later as their little ones grow up.

During this time I've also got married myself (which gave me a new perspective from a brides point of view!) and seen my son grow up in the blink of an eye. I've even seen my dog start to go grey which has made me treasure the photos we have so much!

The coronavirus pandemic hit my business hard in a year where I was also taking maternity leave. However, it did give me time to re-focus and made me realise how important it was to me to be home with my baby and husband.

I converted my outdoor office into a studio whilst restrictions stopped me from working. Reopening as a studio space for babies now works perfectly alongside my family life. Whilst I do still photograph weddings, I now restrict it to just 10 a year.